How I Work

I take pride in my work, so you can be proud of yours.

“What is it like to work with Fern J. Hill?”

Since 2001 I have been working with graduate students to help them compose and polish dissertations and theses for submission to their university. I have also helped other professionals to retrieve and format non-fiction manuscripts for publication. I make it a point to give friendly, personal service in a calm manner, assisting my clients through their last hurdle to the completion of their masters or doctorate degree, and publication.

As my client, you can expect to receive fast, courteous service and personal contact throughout the process. I understand that different clients have different needs, and I do my best to guide each through the process in a professional, helpful manner. You can expect to be in telephone or e-mail communication with me as often as you deem necessary to the execution of the job you have hired me to accomplish.  Questions are always welcome.

When you work with me, you can expect an attractive, professional looking document that conforms to the guidelines and handbook your university designates. A document you can be proud to acknowledge as yours.

Although I ask for a minimum of two weeks turnaround time, I often provide faster results, though that is dependent upon the amount of work I have on the books at any given time. I have never missed a deadline that I have agreed upon at the start of a job.

My business is based on integrity.

I do not research or write papers for students, but with that said, I do occasionally carefully edit a paper for clarity if a student has difficulty in expressing themselves in writing. However, the student must have a completed dissertation compiled before I would agree to assist them in this matter. 



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