Discussion Group / Study Guide

With the title of Charley’s Choice, what can be immediately assumed about the story even before beginning to read?

In what ways do choices define her character?

How is the theme of choice developed throughout the book?

What is the inciting incident of the story?

What other choices than the one Charley made did she have at the time of Fish’s death?

Did Charley’s Choice make you more aware of the similarities between men and women, or accentuate the differences?

What is the major turning points in Charley’s life?

Was Charley’s abrupt change of view about her daughter feasible?

What other choices did Charley have?

Do you believe Charley should have followed through with the adoption of her child?

In your opinion, was Charley’s observation that women look at men more closely than men look at other men a valid assumption for that time?

Was the characterization of Charley as a man believable?

What is the climactic point of the story?

Has Charley’s Choice caused you to view nonconformists differently?

Has Charley’s Choice caused you to become more open to other options or alternate choices in your life?