Testimonials of Completed Work

"I just wanted to say how much I appreciated working with you on my dissertation. As you know, I will be having my oral defense on the 27th of this month. After that there may be a few odds and ends to clear up. However, I do not expect anything major.

"Your knowledge of the process has proven invaluable, and your accessibility and turn around time were always prompt, cooperative, and cheerful. When I was ready to panic, you were the calming influence. In addition your patience with my lack of techno knowledge was extremely helpful.

"I would not hesitate to recommend your services to anyone who wants a professional, thorough and thoughtful editor."

Robert Peirano, D.Litt.

"It is with great pleasure that I am writing on behalf of Fern and her expertise on writing and formatting. I am a doctoral student at Drew University and as I was nearing the date for my oral defense, I became completely overwhelmed with the intricacies of formatting such a huge piece. Fern speedily came to the rescue and when I presented the paper to my committee they were unanimously pleased with the written dissertation. I truly attribute this to the meticulous care that Fern took with helping me to produce a flawless final product. I had put so much work into the research and creative components of the paper that I was running out of time to devote to the precision of aligning the work in the exact way that Drew specified. I could not have been more overjoyed!!

"Fern maintains a personal touch with her clients and she was quick to pick up the phone and discuss at length the intricacies and concerns that I had. Students are blessed to secure Fern's services and it was a relief to know that Drew University was also familiar with Fern's work and they were quite pleased that I had chosen her as my editor. Fern was a Godsend and I will always be very grateful!!"

Stephanie Cecchini, D.Litt.

"These remarks are meant to attest to the abilities and work characteristics of Fern J. Hill. She is an absolute expert at her craft and she is willing to expand her expertise to accommodate the objectives of the project at hand. Her work is beyond orderly, she steadfastly adheres to an agreed upon schedule, and she is often able to suggest improvements to the project objectives. She makes certain that her customers are satisfied with the project outcomes after she is satisfied. Fern is a professional and she has a most congenial attitude. I am pleased to recommend her."

George B. Delancey
Professor Emeritus, Chemical Engineering
Stevens Institute of Technology
Author of Principles of Chemical Engineering Practice

"Fern - many thanks for all your work. I gave you an inchoate mess and you shaped a dissertation! The good words I had heard about you were indeed accurate. With gratitude,"

Terry O'Connor, D.M.H.

"Thank You Fern! I'm glad I found your site online and someone I feel I can trust."

Ron Stack
Author of Florida Move Guide: The Unofficial Moving
to Florida Warning, Decision and Help Guide

"Thank you. I handed in my dissertation today. You helped make it possible for me to complete it on time."

June S. Knopf, D.Litt.

"I first encountered Fern Hill's invaluable services through our graduate students, whose dissertations she formatted to conform perfectly to the Caspersen School's exacting requirements. Not only did she produce professional, letter-perfect results, but she also maintained a friendly, supportive connection with the students, relieving their concerns while resolving their quandaries.

"However, while I was so confident of Fern's competence that I recommended her to other students, I never thought I would experience her services first-hand until time pressure and technical difficulties made my planned manuscript revision impossible. Fern resolved the formatting problems converting text presented, and quickly provided a revision-ready version of my project. Always accessible, amazingly efficient and admirably thorough, she delivers what she promises in a truly helpful and humane way.

"Fern Hill is a letterwright who rights papers of all kinds. I recommend her wholeheartedly!"

Virginia B. Phelan, Ph.D.
Director, Arts & Letters Program
Drew University

"Fern Hill is one of the few professionals I have encountered who also has a sense of humor and truly cares about her clients. My PhD dissertation meant the world to me, but I got the sense that Ms. Hill also had vested stock that my thesis would read well, look fantastic and the final product would be something she and I could both be proud of. She is a Godsend to all graduate students at the end of their ropes, and made the final process of completing my degree significantly easier and more enjoyable. Kudos to Ms. Hill for offering an incredible service to students everywhere! I would strongly recommend her and intend on using her in the future as well."

Stephanie Dalianis-Antell, Ph.D.

"It was a great relief to have Fern's help with my dissertation. I was very pleased with her services."

Paula Bistak, D.M.H.

"It is with enthusiasm that I write this testimonial for Fern J. Hill. Recently, Fern edited and formatted my doctoral dissertation and I am happy to report, her professional work was of the highest level. Throughout the process, Fern was extremely supportive and her friendly approach coupled with her many words of encouragement served as the stimulus I needed to complete the dissertation process. I now plan to write a book concerning a historical account of the Tanglewood Music Center and Fern definitely will play an important role in helping me toward developing this major literary project."

Earl Groner, D. Litt.

"You did such a nice job. My dissertation looks lovely! Thank you so much for your time and effort. What a relief to turn over the formatting to you so that I could just concentrate on the contents. I felt a huge weight off my shoulders when I turned it all in today."

Kate Valenziano, D.M.H.

"Many thanks. I'm very pleased with your work and will be happy to recommend you to fellow students at Drew. And, I look forward to working with you again in roughly 24 months when I embark on my doctoral dissertation."

Dave Kopp, M. Litt.

"Fern Hill was extremely helpful in formatting my doctoral dissertation. I found her to be very knowledgeable, thorough, timely, and professional. In addition, her rates were reasonable and straightforward. I recommend Fern highly."

Andrew D. Martire, Ed.D.

"Your edits made the text flow smoothly, and you did a really nice job organizing the table of contents. Thank you for your assistance."

John Rosero, Ph.D.

"Thank you so much for getting this done so quickly, it looks great!"

Peggy Brennan

"Thank you—it looked wonderful. It was a great help to me as well with my hectic schedule. Your touch gave it a very professional look!

“Again, my appreciation."

Kathleen T. Morgan, D.M.H.

"It was my lucky day when at a Drew University reception, a colleague recommended the services of F.J. Hill Letterwright to put the final touches on my dissertation. I had thought to do this myself, but found the process to be very involved. By the time I had completed my paper, quite a production in itself, time was at a premium, and I realized I needed the expertise of the highly recommended Ms. Hill. Now I know why everyone, including the graduate program office at Drew, speaks so highly of her.

“I definitely recommend Fern Hill. She has a keen eye for detail and accuracy, and followed Drew’s guidelines to perfection. Though she is not located close by, she was very accessible to me whenever I had a question or request, and worked closely with me every step of the way. Fern is very courteous and pleasant, and discusses the matter at hand in a professional, but friendly manner. She alleviated my stress during the last step of perfecting my paper. The quality of Fern’s work is outstanding and much to be admired. It was indeed a pleasure to work with her.

“We have only one opportunity to write and publish an erudite and good-looking dissertation, and we expect it to be a fine representation of all our hard work—a paper we can be proud of. With F.J. Hill Letterwright, one is assured of that outcome.

“Thank you, Fern."

Agnes Samuel Melkon, D.Litt.

"Fern J. Hill came to me highly recommended by the graduate office of Drew University in Madison, New Jersey. It was a pleasure working with her. Under an extremely tight deadline, Ms. Hill worked with me above and beyond the call of duty. She stayed late, came in early, and was ever available online and by phone when necessary to help me succeed with my endeavor. The graduate office was very pleased with her work. Because my dissertation had been written in two incompatible programs, extensive corrections were required with the margins, spacing, footnotes, etc. Ms. Hill was professional and encouraging during our correspondence as well as accurate with her cost estimate regarding the hours it would take her to complete the task. I would not have graduated on time had I not employed her services. She was invaluable to me, and I have been singing her praises ever since.”

Joie Karnes Reiner, D.Litt.

“Fern Hill provides an invaluable service to scholars whose main focus is on the ideas they want to present, not on wrestling with word processing programs. In terms of her professionalism, her keen eye to detail, her willingness to work closely with the writer, and the polished final manuscript, Ms. Hill deserves four stars; no, make it five stars."

Marcie Jenny, D.Litt.

"I am delighted to recommend F. J. Hill Letterwright for dissertation and thesis formatting/editing. Fern's knowledge of the Turabian style, attention to every detail, responsiveness to all communications, and timely completion of the work really saved the day for me."

David M. Tripold, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Music and Theatre Arts Department
Monmouth University

"Fern Hill was the buzzword at our school when I was completing my dissertation. Peter, a colleague, told me not to fear and leave the formatting to Fern. He showed me his completed dissertation, and I was convinced that Fern was to be my angel straight from Heaven.

“After meeting with this very capable lady, my level of stress dropped to zero. My anxiety was replaced with feelings of joy and exhilaration. Within two weeks Fern Hill delivered absolute editing and formatting perfection. I cannot thank her enough."

Sophie Murray, D.Litt.

"Fern Hill's expertise was critical for the completion of my dissertation. Skilled in the intricacies of documentation, she precisely formatted my paper to meet rigorous academic requirements. So reliable was she in meeting deadlines that her motto could be 'On time, all the time.' Her insistence on perfection, her fidelity to the highest standards, her follow-up and her personal warmth and genuine interest in her client's success make for a delightfully rewarding professional experience. Fern Hill is the perfect complement to the fastidious writer."

Peter Smeraldo, D.Litt.

"I would like to recommend F. J. Hill Letterwright services. I have just finished a doctoral program at Drew University and Fern helped me with the tedious work of typing, formatting, and editing this paper so that it would meet the strenuous standards required of such a paper. Through the numerous revisions and stress that such a process can exact, not only was Fern always professional and prompt, but as a naturally warm and caring person, she also provided emotional support through this exhausting last stage of my Doctoral program. In short, I am not sure I could have completed my dissertation without her. So, if you are ten yards from the finish line of your degree, doctorate or otherwise, with only your dissertation to complete, but you are not sure you have enough stamina to cross the line, call Fern and she will help you get there."

The Rev. Dr. Peter B. Unger
St. John’s United Church of Christ
Bethlehem, Pennsylvania




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