Is This Service for You?

I professionally polish academic papers.

Fern J. Hill works with graduate students who have researched and written their master’s thesis or doctoral dissertation and are ready to have their paper professionally polished before final submission to their university.

After the student has distributed and received their paper back from their readers, and they have made all the suggested corrections to the body of work requested of them by their readers, advisory committee, and chairperson, I edit and/or format the paper into a submission the student can be proud of.

I do not research or write student papers as that would go against my integrity and that of the student’s.

Are the following thoughts going through your head?

My word processing program and I don’t get along.

I can’t seem to get the margins to work right.

The tab stops went kafluee, and now I can’t get them to stay set.

Though I try to get things lined up using the space bar, it never properly aligns when I print it out.

The document is just too big. One big file or many smaller ones, I can’t handle it. There’s just too much information.

I can’t get the page numbers in the right spot on the correct page.

I can’t get the table of contents page numbers to align. It’s all wiggly.

“After all that work, they want me to make it conform to what?”

Student guidelines? Handbook requirements? I’ll never get this done in time.

Too many nitty-gritty requirements. I could chew nails and spit battleships.

My tables don’t fit. They’re an integral part of my paper. I worked so hard on them. Now what?

Hierarchy of headlines? Where do I find out about that?

A bibliography? But I put all that information in the footnotes.

Put the paper in order? What order?

“But I don’t write well.”

I know my stuff. I can tell you all about it, but write it? The words just don’t come out right on paper.

My ideas are all there, but it sounds choppy.

The committee chair said my dissertation needs a rewrite. I already wrote it once and rewrote it a second time. Now what do I do?

What do you mean, my ideas have to transition?

I don’t do grammar well, and my punctuation looks like it came out of the head of a pepper shaker.

Homophones? What are they again?

We are likely to be successful working together if…

We understand and adhere to each other’s expectations.

You are expecting professional results from me.

I, in turn, have expectations of my clients.

The best scenario to produce successful completion of your paper within the allotted time is with each of us respecting the other’s time and meeting agreed upon deadlines. By this, I mean:

I expect to be given sufficient time to do the work — I appreciate at least a two week turnaround though that may, under some circumstances, be worked around, there will be an additional rush fee. Your paper will probably not be the only dissertation I have in-house to complete under deadline, so waiting until the last minute may preclude you from using my services.

I expect your work to be original and not the plagiarized work of other authors or graduate students.

Prior to submitting your work to me, I expect you to have your paper written and updated with all the corrections, suggestions and recommendations made by your readers and academic counselors.

I expect, when given the job, that there will not be many and various last minute corrections that will skew work I have already completed.



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